Leader in high-qualityAirMed Vision is a leader in high-quality, single-use precision ophthalmic surgical instruments.

Our Precision

Our precision ophthalmic Instruments have been designed and produced by surgeons and sold in the Western Europe and Australian markets since 2003. We have a FDA-approved manufacturing, sterilization and packaging facilities. To insure the safety of your patients, our instruments are sterilized using the ethylene oxide system, “EOGas”™ offered by Andersen Sterilizers, Inc. of Haw River, North Carolina. Our Medical Director, Dr. Bradley Katz, Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Utah’s Moran Eye Center, has personally tested our instruments and has complete confidence in the quality of our single-use instruments for ophthalmic procedures.

Low Cost

We are confident we can help decrease your costs without any compromise in the quality of the instruments you use in clinic and in surgery.

Our Quality

Ophthalmic instruments require careful handling and are easily damaged during cleaning and re-sterilization. If lost or broken, they are expensive to replace. Our single-use single-instrument packs guarantee a perfect instrument each time.

We also offer single-use specialized kits designed to increase convenience and efficiency for surgeons, clinics, ASCs and hospitals. Our handmade stainless steel instruments are manufactured using the same high standards and quality materials as multi-use instruments. This attention to manufacturing is reflected in the look and feel of our instruments.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee the finishing and quality of our products and offer free replacement of any instruments that do not meet your expectations in terms of quality or finishing.

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CE Certified

AirMed Vision  Conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection standards.